Ezyseat: – Safe – Smart – Strong.

Ezyseat places the safety and wellbeing of infant children above all else in its design and craftsmanship of seating. Ezyseat is Australian owned and operated, the leading manufacturer and supplier to child care, preschool, kindergarten and preparatory facilities throughout Australia providing Quality Aluminium Seating Packages of Outdoor Furniture which is Safe, Smart and Strong.

Ezyseat has more than 20 years’ experience in the market providing unparalleled quality infant. All products are built to the highest Australian standards in our Australian factory. Ezyseat products are designed and built specifically for young children so safety is a priority as well as creative appeal to so that every Ezyseat product enhances a positive play and learning environment for children. Quality is at the heart of all Ezyseat products and they are built to last with quality aluminium for the Australian climate and conditions.

Core Values: Righteousness, Professionalism, Accountability, Culture Driven Team, Passion and Innovation.

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Ezyseat service has been developed to encompass our dedication, commitment and passion to meeting the needs of all our customers by helping to create safe outdoor environments and we strive to build on our reputation as a professional, reliable company that focuses on forging long-term relationships with customers.

Constantly we strive to move forward by raising the quality levels of our safe kiddie products to new heights and we believe we are leading the market in this direction. This is achieved by improving existing product designs and adding to our product range by launching new and innovative designs to keep up with the demands of modern Australia.

As part of our commitment to our customers, Ezyseat welcomes any feedback that can improve the quality of our service and products. Your feedback is valuable to us- let us know if you can see where improvements can be made, or if you require a product that is currently not in our range.

Ezyseat Products are 100% Australian made fitted with the patented Ezyseat Safety End Cap which is an innovation in safety design that is setting the benchmark industry wide. Not only do we finish our products safely, they are manufactured using a rounded-edged smoothed finish extrusion that is proven to be very kind to clothing and skin. It is a point of pride that our manufacturing does not leave any rough cut edges or sharp surfaces that may injure children.

All Ezyseat products and designs are tested and made to Australian Standards. The Ezyseat product will not crack, rust, stain, rot or splinter and whether our customers choose plain or powder-coated designs they will not need painting and maintain their fresh looks for years.

The quality range of Ezyseat outdoor furniture is a popular choice in all infant areas. The durable aluminium marine-grade anodized surface featured on all seating, table and chair products offers protection against elements (including salt water), as well as paint, crayon, pen and glue which are easily removed using general cleaning products.

We pride ourselves on our quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that you are provided with a range of products that are safe, economical and structurally sound. Our confidence in the performance of our products means that when you purchase with Ezyseat you are guaranteed a 5 Year Warranty. You can be sure that your purchase will both withstand Australian conditions and exceed your expectations.

Clients which are satisfied with the Ezyseat product are:-
Public Infant Schools, Private Schools, Universities, Childcare Centres, Pre-Schools, Canteens, Parkland & Recreation areas, Sports Grounds & Complexes, Swimming Pools & Centres, Councils, Junior Sports Clubs, Resorts, Architects, Landscape Designers, Churches and more.

Total customer satisfaction, attention to detail, excellence and integrity – these are all part of our commitment to providing quality children’s and infant seating.