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The Buddy Bench Seat is so much more than just a bench seat. It’s a place in the playground where children who feel upset, lonely or need to talk about a concern can find someone to talk to. It is a designated area of the playground where anyone can go and sit and someone will join them.

As part of an integrated system to encourage inclusion and friendship these seats have proven to be highly effective. There are unlimited ways in which the seat can be used; from appointing certain children to take responsibility for befriending children at the Buddy Bench Seat to perhaps older students being selected to be on “buddy duty” or a school-wide agreement that all children should play with whoever sits on the Buddy Bench Seat.

Buddy Bench Specifications:

    • Bench Dimensions: 2000mm L x 650mm W x 780mm H
    • Custom lengths available
    • Fully Aluminium – No rust
    • Powder-coated – other colour options available
    • 7 year warranty on workmanship and materials

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